Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break

Break out the celebratory exclamations - Spring Break has arrived! Let's hear a cheer- Spring is here (and for a week, students aren't).

Which is amazingly hard.

We need this break so badly. A time to rejuvenate, clean the house, see friends, and sleep in. I personally will be spending a lot of time at school, getting things accomplished for after break. We start OAKS testing after break (our state standardized test), and my kids are so not ready for it. If I spend a lot of time at school over break, I won't have to spend 10+ hours a day at school after break. It's a pretty good system I've worked out.

But the hard part is knowing some of my kids are going to have a rough spring break. Before I started teaching full time, I always knew the week before break was hard, but I always thought it was because kids were so worked up about having no school for a week. With my group, though, in the low SES area our school is in, the kids that had a really rough week this week are the kids whose only stable place is school. They were acting out because a week without school means being at home for a week.

Which makes me feel bad that I was so glad to see them leave today. I should feel bad for rejoicing by going and getting my favorite coffee and shopping at Nordstrom Rack. Oh yeah, and I bought that Kate Spade purse yesterday.

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  1. Post a pic of the Kate Spade purse puleeeeeze Ms. J!!!!!