Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lesson Learned

With only two weeks left of my long term position, I am wrapping things up, cleaning up, inputting grades, and getting ready for conferences (which are my last day on the job). I'm also getting mentally prepared for my last day. My goal is to not cry until after the kids leave for the day. That might be too lofty of a goal, though.

I'm also still learning stuff. The school I am at is having some major budget issues, and rumors are flying about who is getting cut, what programs are getting the ax, etc. it's been a great opportunity for me to see how morale drops when people are scared about losing their job.

I also was reminded of an important lesson about being a grown up. I hardly ever play with my kids at recess. Usually I might start a game of tag if they are standing around doing nothing. Thursday, however, I started a game of four square. I forget that I am a little competitive. So is one of my students. We ended up diving for the ball at the same time. And colliding. Thankfully, he is one of those kids that plays hard all the time and therefore gets get a lot, so his mom was pretty awesome about it. If I had given someone else a lump on their head, my head would probably roll. Yikes! I'm sticking to starting tag games on rare occasion!