Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Kindness

No school on Valentine's Day, so we celebrated today. It was such fun (though crazy at times).  

I didn't want to celebrate the day at all, just because I dislike the idea of candy anywhere near my delightful sugar-happy children. However, I knew I had to do something. 

We started out the day wrapping single tulips in tissue paper and tying them with ribbon. Then we went on a delivery parade. 

Their job was to deliver tulips to every adult in the building. They had to go in pairs- one boy, one girl. They entered the classroom or office, walked up to the teacher or instructional assistant or staff person in the room, handed them the tulip and said, "Thank you for everything you do for our school." 

The adults loved it. They raved about how sweet it was, and how wonderful the kids acted. They also thought it was awesome that I was modeling for the kids the concept of making others happy and thereby being happy yourself. 

Hey, I totally didn't even realize I was doing that - I just wanted to do something nice for my coworkers, and thought it would be cute to have the kids help. I LOVE it when I do awesome teacher-y things without realizing it! :)

We continued the amazing "make others happy" stuff by sneaking into our buddy class' classroom while they were at recess and leaving handmade valentines and candy on their desks. 

I got lots of chocolate and candy today. I was also presented with a handmade card saying "I wish I could spend more time with you at school." Awww... Wait, I'm constantly telling you to stop shouting out and you want more of that?!?!?

Speaking of handmade, one little girl presented me with a scarf her mother made for me! So thoughtful and sweet. Those kinds of things mean so much to me. 

Happy Valentine's Day (and four day weekend! Woot woot!)

- Ms. J 

Friday, February 7, 2014


They say that February is the longest month of the year. Which makes no sense mathematically; the month is 28 days long, while every other month is 30 or 31 days. 

I suppose it's because February is that funny month where the end of winter is nowhere in sight, and the end of the school year seems so far away. 

I thought February wouldn't be too bad. Our school calendar only has 1 five-day school week in February, due to President's Day and some furlough days. And once February is over, it's March, which is so close to Spring Break! So I really was happy about the month of February. 

And then February hit. Hard. My darling students, who had miraculously grown up and matured over Winter Break, lost their minds. I suddenly started wondering if there was a way to legally break my contract and go back to subbing. My fellow teachers told me no one is allowed to quit in February because it's a crazy month. Our hallway mantra this last week has been "is it June yet?" 

Then, yesterday, we had early dismissal due to the Winter Storm warnings issued for the Metro area. I drove home amid flurries, and hoped for a snow day today. Sure enough, every school in the Metro area is closed today. Admittedly, our two-five inches of snow is nothing compared to what some places in the country are going through, but it seems like a big deal to us. 

Looking out my living room window at the snowflakes and enjoying the coziness of my blanket, couch and fireplace makes me happy. 

I still wish it was June, though. Like, the third week of June. 

- Ms. J 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Groups of Two

Doing the multiplication thing currently. Talking about groups of two today. Asked "What are some things that come in groups of two?" 

Got some pretty typical answers. Gloves. Earrings. Hands. Eyes. Legs. Ears. 


.......... Ah yes, thank you, Hostess, for helping my students understand multiplication. 

- ms. J