Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Lice and Sunday School

I had lice nightmares the other night. I had three different people check my hair three different times. I bought mayonnaise and shower caps just in case. 

Turns out, the alleged lice issue was not an issue at all. The little one that was supposedly the problem is lice-free. 


So, imagine my itchiness today, when I was a "guest speaker" at a day camp, and a kid mentioned that "I never wash my hair and I have eggs in my hair and I'm used to the itch."

I think I'll be sitting over here, thanks. Please don't hug me goodbye. 

Funny SS story. A kid asked what preaching is, and I said "it's what pastor does" and one of the kids says "it's what you're doing right now!" 

So apparently, I'm a preacher now, too. Add that to the resume, I will (Yoda speak is already on it). 

I hope you are laughing, because I'm entertaining myself quite a bit with this. 

-"preacher" J

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Subbing

This is very amusing to me - I have been subbing quite a bit this summer! But not in a typical school environment; instead, I am subbing for Sunday school teachers at my church! (And they keep going on vacation!)

One time, while talking about the "wiles of the devil," a kid said, "drinking alcohol is a wile of the devil." Another kid says, "hey, I just wanna apologize, because I didn't know when I got dressed that I was coming to church and I'm sorry I'm wearing a Coors Light shirt." 


One little girl gave me a picture frame "that's been in our family for generations!" Clearly, it hasn't been, but that's ok. 

So, I said, "well, are you sure you want to give something so special to me?" (Clever way of trying to not take this home, I thought!) 

She responded, "oh no, you're like part of our family!" I am?

"Yeah, you pick us up for church, and you give us rides home, and you're kind, and you go to our church, and you're special." 

Aww. That's really cute. 

We also had a bit of a lice scare this last week. (Everyone, start scratching NOW). I had to fumigate my car, just in case (that car has been exposed to a lot of precious little heads), and had two different people check my head. I'm clean. Whew!

Lice free and lovin life - Ms. J