Monday, June 17, 2013

I Love Pi!

Please don't try to insult me by calling me a math nerd - it's kind of a compliment in my world. 

One of my favorite days ever is Pi Day (aka March 14). I'm really excited for Pi Day in 2015, because the date will be 3.14.15!! 

Anyway. Someone sent this picture to me, and I absolutely love it! So awesome!

On vacay, Ms. J (hey that rhymes!)

Monday, June 10, 2013

1st, 6/10

Really sweet group of kids! I really enjoyed my time with them today. It was especially nice because today was my last scheduled day. It's nice to end the school year with a sweet class. They were pretty comical, too. 

One kid asked me, "do you have kids?" Nope. "Do you have a husband?" Nope. "Do you have a MOM?!?!?" Haha yes dear, I do. 

There were some problems, which included tattling. However, it was more funny than annoying. 

For instance, a little girl says, "Ms. J! Micah is bossing us around!" Then another kid says, "Ms. J! Micah is bothering us while we're reading!" And then Micah says, "Ms. J! They're tattling!" 

I couldn't help it. It probably wasn't nice of me, but I laughed. 

Then, after school, the secretary told me to go home thirty minutes early - I wasn't going to argue! 

Happy end of the school year! -Ms. J

Friday, June 7, 2013

2nd, 6/7

This class was very tiring, but very sweet. Reminded me a lot of my class last year, because it was mostly sweet kids but there were a few wild ones that made the whole class seem crazy. 

When we went outside for our extra recess, I had some kids sit on the side for most or all of the time. I have never thought of doing it this way, but it's a perfect way to award the kids that are good while the naughty ones sit and think for a while (probably about how mean Ms. J is). But hey, most of the kids loved me.

One mom told me her daughter came home yesterday and said, "Mom, we had the BEST sub ever!" Awww. 

As a sub, if you happen to get "that" class (every school has one - the class that is most challenging), it's going to be hard. However, if you do a good job, people really notice. People will come by the room and ask for your card, compliment you to the principal, and tell you they are happy to see you in the building. And you get a reputation for being a "good manager." 

(Which usually leads to more requests to sub in challenging classes, and the cycle begins again)

It's Friday - I'm tired and ready for the weekend!!!

-Ms. J

Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd, 6/6

Same class today and tomorrow. Sweet kids, though they are very... Uh... Impulsive and energetic. 

Apparently, they've been naughty for subs in the past. I saw a little of that this afternoon, but wasn't too surprised by their behavior. Especially when I considered that it was about 90 degrees in that classroom, with no air conditioning, no outside door to prop open, and no ability to open any windows. So I pulled out my "ace up the sleeve," had them grab a silent reading book, and walked outside onto the playground. We had read to self time in the breeze, then played for a little. 

One teacher told the principal that I was a d--- good sub. Well, thank you... I think. 

-Ms. J (4 days left of school!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1,2,3,4 6/4

I am counting my blessings that I am getting to work all this week and one day next week, considering the fact that next Wednesday is the last day of school. 

For the most part, kids have a hard time focusing at the end of the year (as do I - hello summer vacation!) but they are also really trained in the routines of the classroom, and know what is expected of them. So far, my experience with end-of-the-year subbing has been good, with just a couple students having issues. 

Today I taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades as a roving sub. Essentially, the building hires 3 or 4 subs to cover each grade level for an hour or so, to provide the teaching teams time to plan for next year. It's not too bad of a gig - the plus side is if you get a hyperactive class (like the first graders I had), you are only there for an hour. However, if you have a nice class, like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders I had, you wish you could stay longer with them. 

-Ms. J