Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Lice and Sunday School

I had lice nightmares the other night. I had three different people check my hair three different times. I bought mayonnaise and shower caps just in case. 

Turns out, the alleged lice issue was not an issue at all. The little one that was supposedly the problem is lice-free. 


So, imagine my itchiness today, when I was a "guest speaker" at a day camp, and a kid mentioned that "I never wash my hair and I have eggs in my hair and I'm used to the itch."

I think I'll be sitting over here, thanks. Please don't hug me goodbye. 

Funny SS story. A kid asked what preaching is, and I said "it's what pastor does" and one of the kids says "it's what you're doing right now!" 

So apparently, I'm a preacher now, too. Add that to the resume, I will (Yoda speak is already on it). 

I hope you are laughing, because I'm entertaining myself quite a bit with this. 

-"preacher" J

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