Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy New Year of School!

The summer vacation wasn't long enough for me, so I decided to not teach this year... So I can prolong my sleeping in days.

Just kidding.

I actually did try to get a job for this year, but I'm going back to subbing this year. (just for the record, I was not fired nor did I quit my last job - it was a one-year temporary assignment, so my contract expired in June).

I am not unhappy about subbing. Even though I really wanted that 8th grade language arts position I interviewed for, I am happy to not be starting out as a full-time teacher this year. I'm looking forward to subbing and enjoying 40 hour work weeks (I have forgotten what those feel like - last year, it was 50-65 hour weeks for me).

I'm thankful my insurance lasted through August, since I managed to fracture two ribs two weeks ago, (yet another reason why I'm glad to not be setting up a classroom currently).

The coolest thing that happened to me this summer was stumbling upon an owl puppet at Ikea for $4.99. That owl is gonna be my new best friend as a sub. "Whooooo can show me how to line up quietly for lunch?"

I know you think it's corny, but little kids are gonna love it. Trust me.

- Ms. J (once again, this blog actually IS a blog with stories from a sub!)

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