Friday, February 24, 2012

2nd grade, 2/23-24

Second grade yesterday and today. Same class. They're cute kids.

Yesterday, I was reading a little girl's writing, and she had written something totally inappropriate (in fact, I was wondering WHERE she had learned THAT), until she read it to me. Then I figured out that she meant something completely different (totally appropriate), she just couldn't spell it. (I would have blogged exactly what she wrote, but it was pretty bad).

I need to work on my 2nd grade decoding skills, apparently.

Today, roses were delivered to me in the classroom (total surprise to me). The kids were sooo excited! As I unwrapped the big box, they were jumping around, saying "WE GOT FLOWERS!!! WE GOT FLOWERS!" It was super cute, the way they kept walking over to smell them. The best part of it was that the card was signed "guess who" and they were thinking their teacher had sent them to us.

You gotta love how 2nd graders don't even think "Ms. J, is it from a BOY???"

-Ms. J

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