Friday, May 11, 2012

2nd grade-isms

Ok, so I totally love my class, even though they are little stinkers sometimes. However, hooray! I am seeing some major progress - on Tuesday, when I started teaching them, they could only sit still and work for about 7 minutes. Today, they did DEAR/Read to Self/SSR (silent reading) for 20 minutes! They are also walking in the hallways so much better now, and we have gotten some classroom routines established. They still have their crazy moments, where I hope and pray no one will walk in and see what they are doing, but it's getting better.

I told one of my colleagues that it seems like when they are having a terrible time, and going crazy, and I'm having to raise my voice... That is when I have a parent in the classroom... But when they are being little angels, that's when the principal walks in to see how things are going. Such is life...

Some things that have happened so far this week:

1- I got tired of a boy leaving his seat, so I told him "Superglue yourself to that chair!" Guess what he did? He got a glue stick and glued his chair, and was about to sit on it when I saw what he was doing. It was so hilarious, but I managed to keep from laughing.

2- one of the other teachers thought I was "like 12" my first day.

3- a parent witnessed a dogpile by the backpacks... That was one of those "raising my voice, trying to get their attention" moments.

4- a boy came back from the bathroom, 10 minutes after he left. I asked him "What were you doing in the bathroom, besides going to the bathroom?" his response: "blowing bubbles..." it's amazing what kids can do with soap and no supervision.

5- yesterday, I walked next door during clean up time, and asked the other 2nd grade teacher, Mr. H., to make a random clean group check with licorice. Then I walked back into class, and said "wow, look at these desks that aren't clean... I wonder what Mr. H would say if he came in and saw this classroom." right as I said that, he came in the door. The kids were totally freaked out by that lol.

If anyone wants to come help me clean up my classroom and get ready for the rest of the year, let me know! I will put you to work!

-Ms. J, 2nd grade teacher

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