Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2nd Grade Writing

I wish I had made a copy of this writing Work Sample a student in my class wrote. He has such a great voice in writing, and his writing is always hilarious! I took a picture of part of his writing, but wish I had the whole story to share. The writing prompt was to write about what makes one animal special. He wrote about 3 different animals: birds, snails and "spiters". Here is verbatim what he wrote about snails: "A snall can moov like a slow frog, iksept that it is a snall not a frog. It uses its boogers to moov. Yuck!" When writing about "spiters" he said that spiders catch their dinner in their webs, and that is gross, but its dinner for the spider, so "Yay for the spiter!" Every time I read that, I just laugh so hard! Love it! ~Ms. J

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  1. That is just another reason I love teaching... I have also learned through the years that only true teachers can really read and understand this kind of writing!!!!