Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last day!

Today was the last day of school. It was a very weird day. We did some writing, and reading, then set out for a party. I misjudged time (majorly) and ended the party fifteen minutes earlier than I should have. So we ended up playing Silent Ball (their fave) for the last few minutes.

I said goodbyes, and cried a little. They cried a little. There were lots of hugs. And then they left.

I'm still amazed it's over. 6 weeks ago, I walked into the room thinking 6 weeks was a long time, and that we would get a lot done. I left today wishing I had had more time with them... And yet at the same time, so happy it was the last day, and way proud of what we accomplished.

Here are a few things we accomplished:

- our quiet record was 24 minutes, 46 seconds. That's working silently, no talking, etc.
- walking in the halls (ok, simple skill, but they needed a lot of work on that)
- classroom compliments (when other staff members would compliment them): 38
- speeches. They all wrote a speech and gave it.
- behavior improved
- we logged almost 150 hours on IXL (a math practice website) - that includes class time and at home

We have a teacher work day tomorrow. I'll go in, finish up report cards, etc, and then turn my keys in. I'll miss it there...

And now I'm going home and going to bed. I am sooo tired!

- Ms. J

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