Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yesterday I volunteered at the school I worked at last year. When subbing is slow, it's good to get out and volunteer to get your face out there. It's a great way to market yourself, and also a really fun way to spend the day! (Plus, I see my students from last year in the halls and get plenty of hugs and "I miss you" and "Where have you been???")

I was in a 4/5 blend classroom for the day. It was a ton of fun! I know I will enjoy subbing for this class - the kids are full of personality!

At some point during the day, the teacher mentioned that she is 51. This was quite the news announcement to those kids - there were many kids amazed she was that old (she looks much younger).

One kid just kept talking about how she didn't look older than 40. Finally, he said, "well, you might look 43 but no more than that!" Then he said (much to my amusement):

"You're like a 51 year old woman with a 43 year old body!"

Hahaha what a compliment! Ya gotta love 4th graders trying to flatter their teachers!

-Ms. J

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