Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I made 3 resolutions this year. 

1- Organize that crazy classroom of mine. So I am very happy with the work I accomplished over break! I spent so. much. money on storage and stuff, but it's tax-deductible and if I end up moving schools, I can take it all with me. 

I am so totally organized now! Hooray! Check it out! 

Check those shelves out! I put them together all by myself! I didn't have a screwdriver, so I improvised :)

2- Don't go in earlier than 7:15am and leave by 4:30pm. So far, I've kept to this one! 

3- Dress up more. It makes me look older and more like a teacher. Here is a picture of my outfit today (courtesy of a student). 
Cute, huh?

I have a funny story from our first day back! We reviewed and revisited our routines and procedures all day. One of my darlings brought his hat into the room and wore it. I told him to put it in his backpack. A while later, he had it on his head again. I said, "I told you to put that in your backpack!" 

He responded, "It just magically appeared on my desk!" 

I love teaching. It's so funny!
-Ms. J 

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