Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Projects Over Break

I decided to get some serious cleaning and organizing done over break. Before the school year started, I never had time to get rid of all the stuff left to me by the teacher whose position I filled. So I'm doing it now! 

Check out what I found in the pocket of a binder (I didn't check to see if they were winners I just threw them away). 
I'm sure the custodian loves me right now. When I got to the school yesterday, they had just waxed all the floors. Well, after all my rearranging, the floors aren't so shiny. Oh well. It was going to happen eventually anyway. 

This is how the room looked when I left yesterday. Sometimes you have to create a total disaster to actually create some order. 
And check out these cute foam penguins I found at Target! I am writing their names in metallic sharpie and will make a cute winter bulletin board with them. The boys have bow ties and the girls have hair bows. This is just an example - Fred is a make-believe student in my class :) 
Well anyway. I am getting excited about the next few months! We are going to get so much learning done!!! 

-ms. J 

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