Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Kindness

No school on Valentine's Day, so we celebrated today. It was such fun (though crazy at times).  

I didn't want to celebrate the day at all, just because I dislike the idea of candy anywhere near my delightful sugar-happy children. However, I knew I had to do something. 

We started out the day wrapping single tulips in tissue paper and tying them with ribbon. Then we went on a delivery parade. 

Their job was to deliver tulips to every adult in the building. They had to go in pairs- one boy, one girl. They entered the classroom or office, walked up to the teacher or instructional assistant or staff person in the room, handed them the tulip and said, "Thank you for everything you do for our school." 

The adults loved it. They raved about how sweet it was, and how wonderful the kids acted. They also thought it was awesome that I was modeling for the kids the concept of making others happy and thereby being happy yourself. 

Hey, I totally didn't even realize I was doing that - I just wanted to do something nice for my coworkers, and thought it would be cute to have the kids help. I LOVE it when I do awesome teacher-y things without realizing it! :)

We continued the amazing "make others happy" stuff by sneaking into our buddy class' classroom while they were at recess and leaving handmade valentines and candy on their desks. 

I got lots of chocolate and candy today. I was also presented with a handmade card saying "I wish I could spend more time with you at school." Awww... Wait, I'm constantly telling you to stop shouting out and you want more of that?!?!?

Speaking of handmade, one little girl presented me with a scarf her mother made for me! So thoughtful and sweet. Those kinds of things mean so much to me. 

Happy Valentine's Day (and four day weekend! Woot woot!)

- Ms. J 

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