Friday, March 2, 2012

2nd, 3/1-2

Whew. I did a two day stint in a second grade classroom. I sub in this classroom a lot, and I am always amazed at how crazy second grade can be.

Yesterday, a little girl was having a rough day, and I finally asked her "what can we do to make sure you have a good rest of the day?" she looked at me and said "let me take a nap?" poor thing.

Today was the 100th day of school, Dr. Seuss day, and picture day! Wow... I'm sure you can imagine how crazy that was.

L and I have a student that we both see regularly. On Wednesday, I subbed in this girl's school, and taught her class for social studies rotation. They were super talky during that time, so I had to give some of the kids yellow cards. When Leah saw her on Thursday, she told L "Ms. J is a mean teacher."

Hahahahaha I have arrived, ladies and gentlemen!

The mean one, Ms. J


  1. Very likely the little 2nd grader didn't like the yellow card -- she had to take her frustrations out on you. They do learn early!

  2. Haha the funniest thing is I didn't give her a yellow card!