Thursday, March 8, 2012

6th grade, math/science

Yesterday I subbed for a dear friend of mine who teaches 6th grade math and science at a middle school. I sub for her often, and she has some awesome students. There's always a funny story to share after a day with those kids.

During science, she left me a video to show the kids (I just hit play and don't watch). It was about current and static electricity, and is narrated by a girl that was probably 12 at the time of the recording (I'm guessing this video is at least 10 years old). Anyway, after second period, one of the kids stayed after to tell me "that girl in the video is very attractive." I wish you could have seen this kids face. It was absolutely priceless. I tried so hard not to die laughing.

In fourth period, one of the boys took his shoes off to try to get static electricity to work for him by shuffling his feet on the carpet. The other kids at his table group were not happy - they were like, "ms. J his feet stink so bad!" I walked over and told him to put his shoes back on, and cracked a window. The temptation to bust out laughing was strong, but you'll be happy to know I was stronger than the temptation!

I sent a disruptive kid out to the hall for a minute, then went out to talk to him. I explained why his behavior was unacceptable, and he looked like he was paying attention, etc. when I finished what I was saying, he looked at me and said "Ms. J, did you know one eye is greener than the other, and the other eye is bluer than the other?" So apparently, my little talk did nothing for him except help him figure out I have goofy-colored eyes. Sigh. Such is life...

These stories are just part of why I absolutely love sixth grade - they are such fun! I told my dad I need a soundproof side room that I can just walk into for a second, laugh my head off, then come right back to class... Ahh, that would be nice.

Today I subbed for a teacher who has a student teacher from Portland State right now. So guess what I did? Not a whole lot! The student teacher did most of the teaching, I was just there for crowd control and helping out, etc. Pretty sweet deal... Though I did miss actually teaching.

-Ms. J

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