Friday, October 12, 2012

2 days of Kindergarten!

Heaven help me. Kindy is exhausting! I did a two day stint in kindy, and boy am I tired! That quad mocha helped, but not completely.

I have a million crazy things kinders say, but I'll limit it to two funny stories.

Tuesday, a kid brought a cricket to share. I told him to keep the lid on the Tupperware, but when you're 5, you sometimes forget. Anyway, he took the lid off, and I watched in horror as the cricket jumped out of the Tupperware, seeking freedom. I quickly considered my options.
1- let the cricket dwell in the classroom for as long as his life lasted (not something I relished)
2- hope the kids caught the cricket
3- squish the cricket and cause major trauma for 28 five-year-olds
4- try to catch it myself *shudder*

Thankfully, as I was grabbing a tin pail to put over the cricket, the little boy caught him and put him back in the Tupperware. Whew! Disaster averted!

Wednesday, I had a very interesting surprise. As we were getting their backpacks and coats put away, a little one grabs something out of their backpack and says to me, "LOOK!"

It was a couple pairs of underwear.

Me: oh, put those back in your backpack, sweetie (trying to be calm and not succeeding - they didn't tell me these things in teacher school!)

Student: they're for accidents!

Glad to know you didn't just decide to bring underwear to school for show and tell.

-"Teacher" (because in kindergarten, they cannot remember a sub's name)

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  1. LOL ! You posts never cease to give me a smile :D