Saturday, February 16, 2013

Madame Libarian, 2/13-15

No, my name is not Marian. However, I was Madame Librarian for three days this week (at the school I student taught at). It was interesting and, in some cases, highly amusing.

If anyone has read the book "Chicken Big," imagine that I read that book to every class K-5 in the school over a course of three days. This book requires a lot of goofy voices and sounds. I was very happy to see my last class on Friday.

Anyway, for the younger kids, the activity after reading the book was to color their own Chicken Big. I was the recipient of one first grader's coloring. I said thank you, of course, then I said "you didn't put your name on it!" She responded "Who cares???" (The voice inflection was hilarious.)

When fifth grade came in, I was checking books out and a boy said "Ms. J, didn't you sing for the school two years ago?" I was very impressed with his memory, and said yes, I sang at the end of the school year assembly. He told me "you're a really good singer." Awwww! How sweet!!!

-Madame Librarian

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