Friday, June 7, 2013

2nd, 6/7

This class was very tiring, but very sweet. Reminded me a lot of my class last year, because it was mostly sweet kids but there were a few wild ones that made the whole class seem crazy. 

When we went outside for our extra recess, I had some kids sit on the side for most or all of the time. I have never thought of doing it this way, but it's a perfect way to award the kids that are good while the naughty ones sit and think for a while (probably about how mean Ms. J is). But hey, most of the kids loved me.

One mom told me her daughter came home yesterday and said, "Mom, we had the BEST sub ever!" Awww. 

As a sub, if you happen to get "that" class (every school has one - the class that is most challenging), it's going to be hard. However, if you do a good job, people really notice. People will come by the room and ask for your card, compliment you to the principal, and tell you they are happy to see you in the building. And you get a reputation for being a "good manager." 

(Which usually leads to more requests to sub in challenging classes, and the cycle begins again)

It's Friday - I'm tired and ready for the weekend!!!

-Ms. J

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