Monday, June 10, 2013

1st, 6/10

Really sweet group of kids! I really enjoyed my time with them today. It was especially nice because today was my last scheduled day. It's nice to end the school year with a sweet class. They were pretty comical, too. 

One kid asked me, "do you have kids?" Nope. "Do you have a husband?" Nope. "Do you have a MOM?!?!?" Haha yes dear, I do. 

There were some problems, which included tattling. However, it was more funny than annoying. 

For instance, a little girl says, "Ms. J! Micah is bossing us around!" Then another kid says, "Ms. J! Micah is bothering us while we're reading!" And then Micah says, "Ms. J! They're tattling!" 

I couldn't help it. It probably wasn't nice of me, but I laughed. 

Then, after school, the secretary told me to go home thirty minutes early - I wasn't going to argue! 

Happy end of the school year! -Ms. J

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