Thursday, June 6, 2013

2nd, 6/6

Same class today and tomorrow. Sweet kids, though they are very... Uh... Impulsive and energetic. 

Apparently, they've been naughty for subs in the past. I saw a little of that this afternoon, but wasn't too surprised by their behavior. Especially when I considered that it was about 90 degrees in that classroom, with no air conditioning, no outside door to prop open, and no ability to open any windows. So I pulled out my "ace up the sleeve," had them grab a silent reading book, and walked outside onto the playground. We had read to self time in the breeze, then played for a little. 

One teacher told the principal that I was a d--- good sub. Well, thank you... I think. 

-Ms. J (4 days left of school!)

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