Monday, October 21, 2013

Where's the camera when I need it??

I wish I had gotten a picture of this one...

I was teaching reading today, and one of the kids says, "Ms. J, Fred* is under your desk, painting!" So I get to a stopping place and walk over to my desk. Lo and behold, Fred* was under my desk, painting. Fred* had gotten into the classroom supplies, pulled out some paints, and was painting a masterpiece.  

The best part? Fred was painting the floor. Literally. The tile was pink and blue. 

So I took the paint away, and said, "Fred*, we do not paint the floor!" So Fred* cleaned up the mess (before I got a picture!), and I went back to teaching. 

About five minutes later, I caught Fred* under my desk, painting again. I was pretty upset at this point, because Fred* was being a distraction. When I scolded Fred*, he got a wounded look on his face. "Ms. J, you said I couldn't paint the floor. I got paper this time!" 

You're right. I should have said, "we are not painting today." 

It's really not funny, but after they went to music, I laughed myself silly. 

-Ms. J

*names, dates, places, and all other incriminating evidence (just kidding about that part) changed for obvious reasons of keeping the teacher's sanity

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