Sunday, November 3, 2013

Consider the Source

During a lesson by the counselor, one of my students announced to her that, "Our teacher yells at us all the time!" 

Pan to the teacher, sitting at her desk, thinking, "great, now the counselor is going to think all I do is yell at these kids and I totally don't!"

But remember to consider the source, teacher. This kid accusing you of yelling "all the time," is the same kid who never finishes any work in class, is always off task, and distracts the class. This is the kid who, this morning during an open textbook test, sat on his textbook and scooted across the floor, and then when you said something to him, said, "You said to take the test - I'm taking a driving test!" 

Just for the record, I do not yell. There are times I have to talk loudly, but I do not yell. DID YOU HEAR ME?? I. DONT. YELLLLLLLL!!!!

- Ms. J :)

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