Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First-ever Conferences

Our district did two 12 hour days of conferences yesterday and today. I am exhausted. 

Overall, a big majority of my families were able to attend conferences. Only one yelled at me, so I must be doing a decent job. Most people seemed happy with what we are doing in class. Many said their child is happy and progressing, which is really all that matters. One family made sure I knew, even through a language barrier, that they are grateful for what I am doing for their child. 

So my first year of conferences went well (mostly). I smiled a lot, and tried to lead parents through the new proficiency-based report cards we have to report on Common Core. (Yeah - try telling someone whose kid has always gotten S+ or A that a 2 is right where their kid should be, even on a scale of 1-4. It's a hard concept to wrap your brain around). 

Y'all that wanna be teachers, just be warned. Conferences are super stressful, because you never know how a family is going to act, react or overreact. Conferences can also be really awesome ways to connect with your families and let them know you care about their kid. 

I enjoyed meeting my families. I'm glad the majority of them were not angry about the new report cards. I'm glad I only have about 5 conferences that I need to reachedule. And I'm really especially glad that I'm now officially on a five day break. 

- Ms. J 

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