Monday, November 11, 2013

Report Cards

Did you know teachers don't get a lot of time off? In fact, there is no such thing as vacation time. Probably because we get Thanksgiving break and Winter break and Spring break and Summer break. 

Anyway, teachers get a lot of sick leave (our district gives us 10 paid sick days), and we have 3 personal days. The personal days have to be approved by the building administrator. They are not supposed to be "vacation," but can fall under various categories including family or religious. 

Well, in my family, it is not an option about whether we attend West Coast Conference. We always go. I haven't missed one in over ten years. (Btw shout out to those that read my blog and want to enter the teaching profession even after all the stories I share!) So when I requested the time off, I listed it as religious (because it is). 

The problem was, I missed an in service day/work day about how to fill out the new report cards and time to do them. They were supposed to be due first thing Tuesday morning. 

I didn't totally procrastinate, but the kids didn't finish their narrative writing samples before I left, so I knew I would be spending several hours on Veterans Day grading and doing report cards. I also wouldn't get any of the training on how to fill the report cards out. 

Well, guess what? The district had some difficulties along the way, so they moved the report card deadline to Friday. 
Wahoo! Now I don't have to grade 27 narrative writing samples in one sitting today. (Because, let's be honest, that's just painful). 

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