Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Break!

Yay! Winter Break!!!! 18 days of bliss. 

We had such a calm last day today. I determined that all my students celebrate Christmas, so I brought out the Christmas music and Christmas picture books. We hosted a party for our fifth grade buddy class, then ended the day reading The Polar Express. 

Some funnies: 

- today, a little one hugged me and said, "I'm gonna miss you so much!" I silently repented for lying as I replied, "I'll miss you, too." 

- I got a Starbucks gift card today from a little girl. About four hours later, she asked me what my plans for break were. I responded that I was going to sleep in. She said, "Oh, and you can drink coffeeeeeee from Starbucks toooooo!" Haha yes. I guess I didn't make as big of a deal about her present as she was expecting. 

Today was so nice and chill. I loved it. 

Of course, after school, the party began. The teachers gathered together to sing a teacher version of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," and of course, there was the wheelie chair race down the hall. I of course, was the mature one and did not skip down the halls singing Christmas carols. 

Ok, maybe just one song... 

- Ms. J

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