Sunday, December 15, 2013

Third Grade Spelling

The spelling cracks me up sometimes. I asked this kid to explain why he thought this was a line not a line segment or ray. 
Derwekchuns - I can sense that there was a lot of difficulty spelling directions. Maybe that should be on the word wall... 

Oh! Btw, one of the kids told me he was giving me diamond earrings for Christmas (haha kids always say goofy things like that). One of the other kids said, "wait a minute, I've never seen you wear earrings." I said, "yeah, I don't wear earrings. My ears aren't even pierced." But I'll be glad to sell the earrings if you give them to me! Cha-Ching! 

Oh my. Such funny kids. Gotta love em.... Most of the time. 

I'm trying a new system with my most challenging student - it worked Friday! I'll have to keep going and see if it continues to be successful. And then I'll tell y'all about it. Because if it works, my life just got soooooo much easier. 

Very glad there are only four days left until winter break (we can do this, people!) 

- Ms. J 

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