Friday, April 27, 2012

2nd, 4/27

This was such a God thing. I cannot take any credit for this.
I subbed for a 2nd grade teacher, whose class I am in regularly. I also sub for the other 2nd grade teacher often, so I know all the second graders every well. Which came in handy.

We had a field trip. A walking field trip. That's right, we walked a half mile or so to a nearby park to plant trees. I knew about it beforehand, and thought "No big deal, the other second grade teacher will be there and will know what's going on."

I got to the school to find out the other second grade teacher was out sick. So both second grades had a sub. And the other sub had never been in that classroom.

Thankfully, it was a 2/3 grade field trip, so the third grade teachers were there, but they don't know the kids very well, so I was very thankful I knew all the kids, and (more importantly) the kids all knew me, and were used to me being in charge of them.

I was also very thankful for the parent volunteers who were there. They helped out so much.

The kids were sooo good! They made me so proud of them. And there were no major injuries (a miracle in itself!).

Still amazed,
-Ms. J

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