Friday, April 27, 2012

5th, 4/20 and 4/25

Same fifth grade class I've had several times. Love the class, and they love me.

On 4/20, they walked in the class and cheered when they saw me. I sometimes wonder if I'm just a big softie, and that's why they love me so much... Or maybe it's the candy... Hmmm...
It was my brothers birthday, and he was out of town. So I told the kids about it, got him on speakerphone, and they sang happy birthday (cha cha cha) to him. It was very fun, and I was glad they enjoyed it so much.

On 4/25, two boys crawled up the stairs on the way back to class... Yes crawled! I could not believe it - especially since they had just spent half their recess in because of their antics that morning!

It's amazing how one or two kids can make your otherwise amazing class seem like an unruly group.

I still love them, though.

-Ms. J

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