Wednesday, April 18, 2012

To cross or not to cross...

That is the question facing hundreds of subs right now. Gresham-Barlow and Parkrose School Districts are going on strike starting next week. Well, that is to say, the teachers are. And so the districts are asking all the subs on their list "Will you cross the picket line?"

It could be a dilemma for some subs. After all, the pay is $250 a day (about $90 more than typical sub days - how often do teachers get time-and-a-half?!?!) That part is tempting.

But then, when you start thinking about how rotten strikers could treat subs crossing, it isn't enough money. Strikers, yes, even teachers, have been known to cause plenty of trouble for those willing to cross the line. And they won't forget who crossed.

Then, the union starts calling all the subs, and putting pressure on them to not cross that line. Peer pressure at its finest. All they ask is if you plan on crossing the line. But one has a feeling they have a list of sub names and are putting smiley faces next to those who say they won't, and big, red Xs next to those who say they will.

Those subs who dare to cross should probably save every penny of that money, since they won't be subbing anytime soon after this.

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