Monday, April 29, 2013

2nd, 4/29

Whew. Today was tough. I realized I may be getting a little soft - I haven't been in a Title 1 school in close to a year. Perhaps I need to allow myself opportunity to grow and experience new aspects of teaching, instead of always going to the same schools, where the average income level is higher than my family's, where the kids mostly have supportive parents, and where their parents don't pack them a 20 oz Arizona tea for snack (aka about a billion grams of sugar).

Yeah. The Arizona tea thing happened today. And of all the kids to have it, it was that kid that was giving me trouble already. And she drank the whole thing, too.

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. We just didn't get a lot accomplished.

But the most interesting thing was a little girl who came up to me after recess, upset that her pencil mysteriously broke during recess.

"Ms. J, I had my pencil here and it was sharp and now it's broken."

But the fact that it was broken wasn't the biggest deal to her. Oh, no, she was more worried about....

"I had a booger on the eraser and now it's gonnnnne!!!"

So not only did she put a booger on her eraser, but *gasp* someone STOLE it!

I let her sharpen her pencil. I didn't bother to ask if she had replenished the booger.

-Ms. J


  1. Gasp! The case of the Missing Booger. Sounds Like a Harlow case. :D