Friday, April 12, 2013

This week!

Whew! I dunno if I can handle these 5 day work weeks! I had 6th on Monday and Tuesday, and 3rd Wednesday through Friday. I'm exhausted!

It was a wide range of wonderful stuff this week: Tuesday I got a note saying "Ms. J, you used to be nice. What happened? This is ridiculous." (Well, dear, you turned into an adolescent and won't stop talking - that's what happened!) Then today I got "You're such a great teacher!" (Aww thanks dear!)

I also had singing galore this week. Tuesday a kid serenaded the class with "silly monkey riding on a pig" and today it was "gummy gummy gummy bear!"

One story was reported to me by another teacher. She said a student told her, "the kids were being silly and Ms. J got really mad. Well, not really mad. More like fake mad."

And the best part. I had bus duty today, and had just waved the buses off when a little girl came up to me. "Ms. J, my little brother is on the bus and we are parent pickup!" So off I go - running like crazy, waving my arms and yelling trying to get the bus to stop. Yes, I looked like an idiot, and yes, people were honking their horns, and laughing, but I CAUGHT THAT BUS!

You shoulda heard the applause I got from the custodian. Have a great weekend!

- track star Ms. J

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