Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5th, 4/1-2

I love this class, even if there are parts of it that are naughty...

Yesterday was murder! A fight, bullying, etc. in fact, one of the kids tried to bully me - yeah, that didn't work so well!

Then, today was amazing! The kid who tried to bully me yesterday was angelic - I kept waiting for the ulterior motive to surface, but it didn't!

Fifth graders are funny kids. It was sunny today, and since we had spent an hour doing state testing, I gave them an extra recess. Kids who could care less about the teacher were saying, "you're the best teacher ever!" Ha! Then why are you so naughty??

One kid, who is just adorable, asked me, "can we spend the last few minutes of the day asking you questions, like what your favorite color is?" Well, honey, I'm sure no one else cares about that, but my favorite color is orange.

The "best teacher ever," Ms. J

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