Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I've been having a really tough time with management. It's a pretty typical problem for new teachers. My principal knew how frustrated I was, and managed to snag a mentor for me (my principal is very supportive and totally non-judgmental about the challenges I'm having). It required my mentor coming and observing me (I was super stressed about it). She was in my room yesterday for 4 hours, watching me, and taking a million notes. She is a wonderful lady, with a lot of great ideas. 

I implemented a couple ideas today, and they worked! It was amazing to see how some of the kids I was starting to think of as troublemakers were making amazing choices and being strong leaders. 

One girl, who has lately been making some bad choices, offered to be my timekeeper today with her One Direction watch. She told me, "I like being responsible." I heard several kids today whispering to their neighbor, "do the right thing!" (Which happens to be our class motto right now). 

I will say, though, management is really exhausting with this group. To really get them where I want them, I have to manage with a level of energy that is extremely hard to maintain. I thought to myself, "they're reading to self - why am I tired?!?!" It will eventually get easier as they get accustomed to the "Ms. J Way." 

For now, though, I am tired. 

By the way, got that first paycheck! Hellloooooo money!

.... Hello taxes. Goodbye money. 

-Ms. J

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