Thursday, November 14, 2013

Celebrate Success

Sometimes, in the middle of craziness (can anyone say report cards?), there is a perfectly bright spot to light up a stressful world. 

Like today. I was so worried that our first field trip would be a huge issue. I mean, y'all have heard about my class and the crazy stunts they pull - and typically, kids act out on a field trip. So I was pretty worried. 

And yet, it was a fabulous trip. We had a ton of fun (who doesn't love a Magic Treehouse book dramatized into a musical featuring jazz music and haunted blacksmith shops?), and they were so well-behaved! We came back, and even got some meaningful learning in! 

I was so happy. I managed to look like a competent teacher in front of the parent chaperones! There was no blood, throwing up, or fighting. It was so nice. 

Sometimes, I feel like I'm actually a good teacher. Sometimes. 

- Ms. J, the competent one

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