Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This time of year, teachers typically are given gifts. They also typically give out gifts. I gave each of my students a book - they got to choose the one they wanted. Much better than candy, people. Just saying. 

I thought I would share a few of the gifts I received. I chose these for various reasons, which will be explained along with each picture. 

Isn't that a cute little arrangement? My families are so creative and thoughtful! 

This snowman (with bath salts) was made by this family - how adorable is that?!? And the little sibling picked some seeds for me. Can we say awww?

This kid drives me crazy sometimes with his antics but he was so proud of his gift! And of course I love it!

I told my students that the thing I value most is little cards and notes. Here's one that makes me laugh so hard - how cute is this???
- Ms. J 

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