Friday, March 29, 2013

Funnies from Christian School

This week was a lot of fun, and definitely an eye-opening experience! (I hope to post some things I learned soon).

However, here are some funny happenings!

-Monday morning, I arrived. Only the staff knew I would be there. The principal/head teacher is probably in her mid to late 50s. As the kids came in, she was out of the room, and the first person they saw was me. It didn't take long for the rumor to go around amidst the young students that Sis. F was retiring and I was taking her place.

- A routine they have is a way to ask for assistance. They have two flags - one signals they need a teacher's help, and the other one signals they need an assistant's help. I was answering assistant flags, and one little girl raised her assistant flag. When I walked over and asked "How can I help you?", she whispered, "Can I sit by you at lunch?"

- One little boy called me "Sister J." In our particular fellowship, I definitely do NOT go by "Sister J" - that's my mother's name. When I informed him of that, he got very confused and kept referring to my being married to "that J guy!" I finally stopped him and asked, "Do you think I'm married to my brother?" He got so embarrassed because he had confused my brother for my husband!

- the most interesting thing was how the high school students treated me. Since I'm quite a bit older than them, we aren't close friends, however we do occasionally hang out at youth conferences, etc. They weren't quite sure how to treat me - in fact, they avoided me altogether!

-Ms. J

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