Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Had an interview last week, which was awesome. Sometimes, it seems like the hardest part about getting a job is landing the interview. 

(Though I was questioning my sanity for even applying for a 7th grade math position, but I think the state of my sanity is obvious...)

It was a great experience for me, and I learned a lot. The phone call came today, letting me know that they chose another person for the position. The principal was so nice, though. I could tell he had been impressed with me - kept referring to how young and knowledgable I am. He gave me some great pointers on my interview skills, mostly "be confident in your abilities, girl! Brag on yourself!"

So, armed with the knowledge that I'm a great teacher, I am prepping for another interview this week. Guess what I'm doing? Making a list of things I can say to "brag on myself." One of the things I am writing down is "I have great ideas," which of course calls for examples of great ideas... Anyone have any great ideas? :)

( just kidding - I already have a list of those, too... But I'll still take yours :)

I cannot believe that I could potentially have my own room this year - how scary is that?!?! But, also, HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!?!?!? 

(Of course, then there would be no more stories from a sub... And I haven't been offered any position, yet... And I may not be offered a position... But I can't help thinking... And hoping... And praying... And trying not to get my hopes up too much... And failing... Haha)

- Ms. J, the one with great ideas :)

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  1. Miss. J comes up with great ideas on how to remove head lice from children - she loves doing it, too! ;) Hahaha Couldn't resist! Hope all works out for you! I could totally see you having your own class room, and I'm sure you would do great!!