Monday, August 19, 2013

It's official

Thought I'd share the crazy way I got this job. It really was all orchestrated by God, and I give Him all the glory for giving me the right position at the right time. He really is amazing, and it's wonderful to know I am in His will. 

I had an interview for a 7th grade math position two weeks ago. It was my first real interview (I've had interviews with private and charter schools but not with an actual school district), and I did not interview well. When the principal called me to tell me they had hired someone else, I asked for some advice for my next interview (which was scheduled for a couple days later). He told me to brag on myself, "you are a great teacher, you've had great experiences, and you have great ideas but you didn't tell us any of that." 

I also was advised to find 5 adjectives that describe myself, and use those in the interview. 

So Thursday, 8/15, I went to that interview armed with 5 adjectives and determined to brag. They commented that the five adjectives were a great thing to add to the interview. I had no idea how the interview went, but they called me 3 hours later for a second interview the next day.

Again, it was hard to figure out how the interview went, but I could tell they really liked me (always a plus). I went home, expecting to have a suspenseful weekend of not knowing. 

At 6:30pm Friday night, one of my references texted me and said she had just been called by the principal for a reference check. Which, of course, threw me into a tizzy because I thought, "they're working on it over the weekend - maybe they'll call me before next week!"

Saturday, I got an email from the principal asking if she could call me. Of course, I said that was completely fine. She called me and offered me the 3rd grade position! I said, "oh I love it!" (I had been hoping to be hired for 3rd but was sure they were considering me for 4th). She asked, "does that mean you accept?" Haha yes!

So my paperwork is going through now. I have new teacher training Wednesday, and I'm going to be setting up my room Thursday and Friday. Monday is the beginning of teacher work days, and then school starts in just two weeks!

I still cannot believe that I am actually going to be a "real" teacher! My position is temporary for this year only, meaning I will be unemployed in June, but I finally am getting that much-sought-after, but hard-to-attain experience!!! (And consistent paychecks!)

I have so much to learn this year, and so much to do in the next two weeks, but I am flat-out loving it! 

I also have to figure out what to do with this blog, since I'm no longer a sub... Ideas welcome! 

-Ms. J, third grade teacher (did you guys know that third has always been my favorite grade? This is really and truly my ultimate dream job) 


  1. Just cross out sub and put teacher!!!! That would be fun and cute!...idk, just an idea:-)

    1. Hi Valerie, that would be fun! I will have to figure it out :)

  2. You can always just cross out the sub and put teacher!...idk... I think that would be creative and fun!!!

  3. I thought I had left you a comment somewhere congratulating you on your job buuuuut I don't see my comment anywhere!!!

    1. Hi Mary, your congratulatory comment is on the post titled "Wahooooo!" :)