Friday, August 23, 2013

More Evolving

This set-up process is exhausting. I think the biggest part is just how overwhelming everything is. Just when I think I've finally figured out what I'm supposed to do and how I will do it, something comes up that totally changes my plans. 

For example, today I felt like I was finally done papering walls, and was feeling pretty confident about the layout of the room. (Just for the record, I am being minimalistic in my decorating for several reasons - none of which are because I am too lazy to paper the whole wall). 

So here is what I had accomplished. 
Isn't my desk area cute? Yes, that is Einstein up there...

My funny wall (I plan to cover up that big gash in the wall)

Supplies desk
Mustache materials are supplies they have to return. The sign says "I mustache you to return your supplies"

So I was feeling pretty confident about how the room was looking. Then one of my team members walks in and says "don't forget, we teach calendar so you need a wall for calendar!"

Well, that was new information for me (I'm glad she told me!) so I had to find a big spot for calendar. I ended up moving my cubbies outside the classroom to make space for the calendar. 


I'm not really a fan of my calendar area, but I guess it's ok. I think it's ok for me to admit calendar is something I don't like to teach - really not my thing. But hey, if that's the only thing I don't like about my job, I am doing pretty good. 

I don't think I'll post any more pictures of the room - don't want people to get too bored :) by the way, I left the crazy corner from yesterday the way it is. I'm pretending I did it on purpose. 

-Ms. J 

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