Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mustache Materials

When I saw the washi tape at Office Depot with mustaches on it, I knew I had to use it somehow, somewhere in my room. So I figured out Mustache Materials. 

just as a disclaimer to all of you out there that are scandalized - I do not advocate the growth or wearing of mustaches (on men or women) it is merely a fun poke at modern culture's obsession with mustaches. 

I think my "I mustache you to return your supplies" idea is really cute and fun (and as our new school counselor says, "very hip"). 

A lot of people in the building have made an effort to come visit my room at the end of the hallway that is at the end of the hallway (that's not a typo, I promise). This is a friendly and welcoming bunch, and they are all curious to see what the new girl is doing in that funny-shaped room. They all comment on how cute my room is, and usually say something about the colors, etc. 

But only ONE person has commented on the mustache materials. 

Which makes me wonder. Do they think I have a super cheesy sense of humor? Do they think it will be lost on my 3rd graders? Do they not approve of being "hip"? Do they not get the joke?

I really shouldn't obsess about one single bulletin board and supply table like this, but I'm proud of that pun! It's always nice when people appreciate my puns... 

I guess I have to be happy with enjoying that pun all by myself. Makes me hesitant to use puns elsewhere, though. Like my bulletin board in the hallway... Our school mascot has paws, and my bulletin board almost said, "Pawsitive 3rd grade" or something cheesy like that... But I showed restraint. 

- ms. J 

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