Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Classroom Evolution

I'm sure y'all wanna see pictures of my classroom. 

I've been working on the room for a day and a half. Yesterday, I just sat and stared at the walls and the room for a solid hour. My room is not a simple rectangular room, so I have to be creative. 
Anyway, I started today with moving a bunch of stuff around, adding 6 more desks, (I have at least 31), and getting a kidney table from the custodian! 

The second picture above shows my funny corner wall. I decided to make the right side of that corner my library, and then the left side of that corner is my math wall. 

They look great don't they? Ditzy me did not think to measure properly. So the end result is this:
I don't want to think about the work it takes to redo those walls, but I keep thinking about how that corner is gonna drive me crazy this year... 

-Ms. J, tired


  1. Better fix that corner Jed!!! Annnnnd wow!!! the thought of being in charge of 31 kids...aaaaahhh....I couild NEVEEEEER do that!!!

  2. That corner would prob drive me crazy also!