Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1/2, 3/19

Different class, same grade levels.

Totally different behavior. It was so nice!

It happened to be in last year's school. It's always wonderful to see my "babies" from last year in the hallway. Though their different responses to me are interesting. Most run up to me and give me a hug. One of them greeted me today with "Oh my ---! Long time no see, Ms. J!"

Anyway. Back to the class I actually taught today. (By the way, I was teaching in my classroom from last year - sniff sniff!)

One little boy kept telling me *everything* that he felt like I needed to do. Gotta love kids who think the teacher is clueless. At one point, I said something to him about it and he said, "Well, I have to tell you this, 'cause you're new."

I also got flowers today. Beautiful, but really stinky - whew! I actually think it might be a weed - a little foggy on botany currently.

First and second graders are pretty funny. Everything they hear or see is connected to their personal surroundings. One little girl asked me, "What's your name?" I said, "Ms. J." She responded quite vehemently, "That's a BOY's name!"

Wonder what she woulda thought about my first name!

-Ms. J

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