Monday, March 18, 2013

2nd, 3/18

I thought of a million ways (ok only 3) to start this post:
- it must be the week before spring break
- well, my vacation must have softened me up
- it was bound to happen, after the amazing classes I've had recently

Whichever one you like best, use it as the starter to the post in your mind. (If you pick the vacation one, just know that I took my spring break early and journeyed down to California for a mini-vacay last week. And a special "Howdy!" to those of you who mentioned you read my blog - I feel very special).

So, here's the post.

(Insert favorite post starter from above here)

This class was tough! Constant redirection was needed for certain students, which totally exhausted me by lunchtime. The tough part of subbing in a class like today's is that 90% of the kids are great, but the other 10% needs so much attention it seems like the whole class is insanely naughty.

I managed to keep it together - wish I had taken a picture of the apology notes I had three boys write me for climbing on the stalls in the bathroom. I also had to deal with kids telling other students to hold their tongue and say some benign word (which of course changes to a bad word when the tongue is held).

It amazes me what kids think up.

The 90% that were awesome were a lot of fun. I even got several little notes and drawings (see below).

I deserved that piece of chocolate I ate when I got home, yessiree sir!

-Ms. J

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  1. So Sweet how they give you drawings and notes! I love that!