Monday, March 11, 2013

JA Biztown

Whew! What a fun field trip! I definitely approve of Junior Achievement's Biztown experience. This is a great simulation for kids to experience the "real world" as citizens, consumers and service providers in the Biztown economy. Kids learn how to manage money (budget, write checks, make deposits and withdrawals), how to be a part of an economy, and how to be a responsible employee. It's so awesome to see them shoulder the responsibility of jobs such as CEO, CFO, manager, sales and service provider.

I got to attend this field trip with my favorite 5th graders (my class from earlier this year)! I loved seeing how they have grown, and how seriously they took this project.

While each kid had a different experience, they have all come away with valuable life lessons learned. They also had their favorite parts - some of them were most excited about having a job and making money, while others were excited they could buy soda in the cafe, and all of them were excited that it was a non-uniform day!

See if you can guess which of the kids is my self-proclaimed "favorite student!"

-Ms. J

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