Saturday, March 23, 2013

Venn Diagram

I'm mentally working on a Venn Diagram comparing/contrasting charter school and public school. Remember how I said I wouldn't pass judgment on charter schools 'til I finished my long-term at one? Well, I have been working it out in my mind. I keep meaning to actually put it down on paper, but you know how that goes...

But now, it will have to be a three-way Venn Diagram - which just makes me happy 'cause I love Venn Diagrams! The reason being that I get to experience a private, Christian school! I will spend my spring break shadowing some fabulous teachers and learning all about how private, Christian schools work. I am very excited for the opportunity! (The only thing I'm not excited about is that uniform thing again... Oh well, it's only a week... Good thing I didn't throw my uniform into the garbage!)

So look for a very cool, color-coordinated Venn Diagram soon, showing similarities and differences of public, charter and private schools! I might be more excited about making the Venn Diagram than anything else...

-Sis. J (private school code for Ms. J)

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