Thursday, March 21, 2013

1st, 3/21

Happy Spring Break! I am now officially off for a week!

I was privileged to work at the neighborhood school today! I always count it an honor since this is the school that I am sure remembers me breaking the laminator the second time I subbed there.

I also really like working there because of the hours! Most schools I work at are teacher hours 7:15-3:15. This means I leave at 6:35 (I have a 35-45 minute drive to most sites). Then I'm home at 4.

Today, my hours were 7:50-3:50. I left home at 7:45, and was home at 4. (Though there is no such thing as Starbucks or Dutch Bros on my way to work...)

And I had 24 kids!

I have to keep myself from groveling at these teachers' feet: plllllleeeaase let me sub for you! Or just hire me - that works too!

Anyway. On to the cute story.

My sweater had a folded up hem after sitting for a while during reading groups. One of the girls says "Ms. J, you need to fix your sweater."

Thanks, dear. I'll get right on it.

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  1. Yay for you! And you thought they figured they were too good for you :p that's neat! And adorable story!! Kids. Are. Great.

    (A.k.a. Occupant of the seat across from you at Trevino's) heeehee